Monday, March 28, 2011

You know you...

I'm Jessica the outgoing twin!

I'm Elizabeth the shy twin!
Like, you know.... (i said that with my blonde valley girl accent as i typed that, did you notice?) Oh my gosh that reminds me of Sweet Valley High? Was anyone else as obsessed with SV Twins and SV High as my sister and I were?  So much drama, and seriously did the writer have to repeat the same thing at the start of each book?  I have quotes stuck in my head for the rest of my life that could have been used for more important things, like how to pronounce Quinoa because it takes me 5 minutes each time to remember the correct pronunciation   Okay, i'm totally off track as usual!  

Ps: the above photos were not actually taken in an homage to the SV twins, i was just playing around the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone after some wine waiting for Lesley to pick me up to go to Zumbathon!

You know you had a good weekend when you have statements and photos like this...

You know your Zumba-a-thon will be a good time when you have 2 water bottles, one holds water, the other holds flammable liquid :oD

You know you really are a blogger when you tell your Boyfriend that if any Hangover like shenanigans happen at the Bachelor Party he is attending he better remember to take photos for the blog (thats my biggest concern!)

You know you are blessed when getting to spend an hour at the nail salon with your mum and sister makes you glow inside and gives you shiny pretty fingernails, even though you are CONVINCED the nail girls are telling dirty stories in Vietnamese, so you and sister come up with plan to download iPhone app that will translate their conversations next time we go, it was that or learn Vietnamese, i'm not that desperate, i can find dirty jokes in lots of places, this is the 21st century

You know its almost Easter when Cadbury Creme eggs make a daily (okay hourly) appearance during your weekend

You know you are getting old when you are home from dinner on a Saturday night by 7:30pm and asleep on the couch by 9:45pm - in my defense it was a really boring movie!  This brings us to....

The weekly LRT Movie Review
The Tourist:  Sllowww, totally unbelievable, confusing about what era the movie is set in and honestly slept through the end BUT the Venice scenery was amazing so it was fun to point out the places we had been 5 short months ago, can i go back yet please? Yeah and Johnny Depp wasn't even that hot to look at in the movie, its like they dulled him down, i know horrible review but i'm just being honest!

You know you love your Boyfriend when you make him these pancakes at 7:30am on a Sunday while he watches UFC pvr'd from the night before
You know your boyfriend loves you when he finally lets you drag him to Whole Foods and admits (grudgingly) its actually pretty cool until you are start running around the aisles like a crazy person randomly pulling items of the shelves before he has enough and realize that you yes, got him to grocery shop by luring him with paninis and creme brulee!

You know you love your family when you let them compare your dessert to one you can find in a box at the dollar store and you consider it a big compliment (that microwaveable lemon dessert totally rocks)

You know you are a wee bit immature when you get mad that your boyfriend can totally keep up with you in yoga even though you have been attending classes for 3 years and Sunday was his first one... ever!  Can't i just beat him in something, i know Yoga is not a contest blah blah blah i just wanna win!!!!!
Looking hot and relaxed and a tiny bit smug :o)
You know you love your furbaby when she does stuff like this... and you still think she is the cutest, sweetest, fur baby EVER

Okay, so the pancakes i had last week were sooo good, i had to make them for BF on Sunday
Please see first pancake recipe here

Todays toppings were
Apples and Blueberries yummmmmm

Blueberry & Apple Spelt Pancakes

1 cup of Spelt Flour
Baking Powder
Dash of Salt
Almond Milk
Apple Butter
Agave Nectar

Chop apple, put in saucepan
Add butter and cook on low till apples soften
Mix dry pancake ingredients
Add almond milk and stir until combined add in 1/3 cup of blueberries
Cook pancakes over medium heat using non-stick cooking spray
Important to cook pancakes to the approximate size of a coffee mug (random, i know but its the only thing i could think of that was the right size!)
Stack pancakes and slather apple butter between each one
Top with extra blueberries, apples, agave nectar, and chia seeds (because no breakfast is complete without chia seeds!)

BEST quote of the weekend

Donna: no you don't want lemon peel Alice
Alice (the dog): challenge accepted, gimme
Donna: seriously, what dog actually wants to eat lemon
Katie (my sister, not a dog): she once ate an ink cartridge, lemon peel does not worry me
Donna: Bahahahaaaaaaaaa

Happy Monday friends, i'm off to cook up  a storm and hit up Bulk Barn, FUN!


travelkate said...

What a cute post! I was obsessed with Sweet Valley too when I was younger...did you hear they are coming out with a new book about Jessica and Elizabeth as adults...I for one, can't wait to read it!

Congrats on building a has been a really fun process so far!

Stephanie said...

I loved Sweet Valley. Did you read those epic books they came out with that went back several generations on each parents' side? I LOVED those. And I was also annoyed at the way they repeated the same first chapter. They did the same thing with The Babysitter's Club.

Oh my gosh. Those pancakes KILL me. Can I come over for breakfast, please?

Fisherman's Wife said...

Hahaha I am dying laughing about SVT and SVH. I heard a movie might be coming out... I am so there!

Travelbug said...

So glad i'm not the only one obsessed with SV!!!
I totally forgot about the generations books, those were amazing! and I want to read the book where they are adults AND see the movie!
Thanks for the comments girls :o)

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