Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Food killer

Or killer food!  Because pretty much everything we have eaten since we started our whole food healthy eating journey has been delicious and the results are awesome, we feel better and look healthier and honestly that side effect from all the beans we eat, its just a small negative compared to the amount of positives - unless you live with us then you might take to burying your face in duvets like the doodle does, if only paws could work air fresheners, she would be a much happier dog 


So finally the long awaited - probably just by me...

What i ate Wedneday post!!!

Breakfast: Cold oats strawberry yoghurt parfait, mmmm recipe will come soon!

Snack: Chocolate Strawberry Green Monster (again recipe to come)

Lunch: Williams Strawberry Fields Salad recreated (umm yeah recipe to come!), and rye crisp cracker with almond butter ps: i didn't eat the whole jar, its just really hard to photograph 1/2 Tbsp of almond butter in a fancy shmancy way

Snack: Baby Carrots, Snap Peas and Cucumber slices (why did it just take me 5 trys to spell cucumber i ask you?) and chick peas (you know the drill, recipe to come, i was VERY busy this morning!!!)

Dinner: Left over emerald curry with 1/2 cup of brown rice to healthify it of course!

Dessert: Peppermint chocolate soy milk heated up with organic vanilla crackers, i wanted to spell out my name but got hungry before that great idea came to fruition!

Soooooo, its pretty obvious i like to eat, lol! and there was a total strawberry theme today, i enjoy sharing but its seriously a lot of work photographing EVERYTHING i ate for the whole day!  I was planning on sharing yesterday but with the stress of the house i broke down and consumed A LOT of dairy milk chocolate while watching the drama of the bachelor, "Most Dramatic Women Tell All EVER!!!"

And finally, remember when i made the bean burritos where i wished i had added chicken? Thats because i was remenbering this dish, BF lluurrvveess this dinner and requests it weekly if not daily so after my bean disapointment i just HAD to make these to redeem myself

Donna's Baked Chicken Fajitas


2 chicken breasts
Bell peppers
Side garden salad
Large 12 grain wrap
Smart fiesta fajita seasoning
Jalapeno havarti
Red Onion
Cadbury creme eggs oops that was just me


1. Chop and cook chicken, put aside
2. Grill peppers, red onions, spinach
3. Mix chicken into veggies and add faijta seasoning along with a drizzle of olive oil
4. Once mixed well and heated throughout remove from heat
5. Add mixings to the centre of your wrap
6. Wrap the wrap, did i just seriously write that?
7. Rap to the doodle because you want to write wrap again in a sneaky way
6. Top with approximately 1/2 cup of salsa
7. Top salsa with 1 slice of havarti
8. Grill in the oven on low till cheese is bubbly
9. Serve with your favourite salad -> i used PC salsa dressing, its delish, i want to make my own version soon!
10. On the side instead of sour cream i use greek yoghurt, great way to pump up the protein!

These are simply fantastic, 1 wrap is enough to fill me up and the side salad is the perfect compliment to the spicy dish!  This recipe usually makes 3 wraps and a little left over to add onto a salad for lunch the next day, just don't forget to bring the air freshener unless you work with duvets, then its all good :o)


Monica C said...

Oooo-my Donna....
I think I am going to have to hire you as my personal cheif...
I think you have missed your calling...quit the bank and become a
Your awsome...!!!

Hilary Hinds said...

yum I will have to try the fajitas (I almost gave up and called them wraps because I suck at spelling) I made the chicken, spinach and avocado wraps and they were amazing whole family loved them

Christina said...

that is a killer parfait!

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