Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast at...

Tiffanys (insert swoon here)
Oh Yes, i'm SO going there

The blue box, the white ribbon, the sheen of the shiny shiny jewelry, i'm totally NOT talking about the movie, i've never actually seen it *hanging head in shame*

Now i would like to introduce you to the 3 items (*cough* not enough *cough*) i own from Tiffanys

Item #1: Came from BF when he went on a boy road trip to New York and I hinted i would LURVE something from Tiffanys (i hinted A LOT)  He came home with this lovely ring that I wear every day, he went through a lot to get it for me - 3 guys who know nothing about jewelry trying to navigate the Trump Tower Tiffanys must have been hilarious to watch

Item #2: Was a necklace bought for Christmas from BF, isn't it purty?

Item #3: I bought these Sunglasses with left over health credits 2 days before they expired, don't i look like i might jet set somewhere at ANY GIVEN SECOND???? No? Damn that was totally the look I was going for!

Now Item #4 is something i'm kinda lusting over, we might never be together but i still enjoy imaginingg the 2 of us on a picnic somewhere laughing at how lovely life is, yeah yeah, i know i'm off in "Donna Land" as BF likes to call it, its a very happy place so no idea why he keeps pulling me out of it?

On to Fashion Friday which calls for a work outfit and workout outfit of the week, its funny i always end up taking them Thursday and usually in the work bathroom, can we say procrastinate? Lets try, all together now, Donna is a p-r-o-c-r-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-o-r! (and proud of it)
Work outfit

Navy Blue Wrap Sweater - H&M
Power Y Tank - Lululemon
Navy Slacks - Gap
Red High Heels (i'm totally excited not to put the same black Nine West shoes on here again!)
Bracelet & Earings - The Bay

Workout outfit 

Cool Racer Back in Potion Purple - Lululemon
50 Rep Bra in Very Violet - Lululemon
Swifty Tech Long Sleeve in Vivolicious - Lululemon
Dash crops in Black - Lululemon
Asics - I remembered them AGAIN, yay me!

So this weekend is promising to be a great one, after a 1 day weekend last week i'm thrilled that i have a 3 day-er! (that makes no sense gramatically speaking, sorry to those people that enjoy proper grammer on blogs, i do have very proper manners if it makes you feel better!)

Friday - Zumba-thon with Lesley after work

Saturday - Physique 57, Manicure with my mum and sister, Dinner at FAV restaurant with BF and Friends

Sunday - Hopefully shopping if i can convince BF, all i shop for nowadays is Lulu and groceries, i need a spring wardrobe STAT! And dinner at parents before they leave for England for a few weeks *tear*

Monday - Rent chick flicks and work in kitchen all day, its my new fav thing to do on Mondays, makes me feel more prepared for the week which causes less stress which reduces the eye twitch which still hasn't entirely disapeared, i'm thinking of investing in an eye patch, sexy no?

Have a great weekend friends, see you Monday for all the ReCap Fun xox


Shelley said...

Hey darlin'.
That's MY ring you've posted a pic of.
Well, not really but a girl can dream right?
As always, love your rants ;)

Stephanie said...

Oh...something freaky's going on. You might want to check your alignment, since the last paragraph seems to be set up with one letter on each line! Or maybe it's just me... That's a beauty of a ring!

travelkate said...

You can't go wrong with Tiffany's jewelry...I'm also a travel addict...and love looking at travel photography-enjoying your blog!

Phuong said...

love tiffany!

Travel In Style

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