Monday, March 21, 2011

The truth is out there... maybe its in the Cheese?

Fun sign for the BEST apple fritters EVER!!!
RECAP Monday!
Title of this post refers to a mix of the weird happenings all weekend (remember the show xfiles? it was one of its slogans), and todays recipe featuring cheese, cheese and more cheese! Just in case you were wondering... you probably weren't... i regularly have weird title posts... but its okay.... i just prefer to be called "quirky" instead of "weird" ... at least to my face!

I gotta say RECAP Mondays are my favourite posts of the week to do!  I love sharing my silly pics from my weekend and today is no different!

In case you hadn't noticed i actually work every other Saturday so with only 1 day off its hard to get up to anything too naughty but i always give it a good try ;o)


Quick Daily Summary

Friday: Our thrilling friday night was Swiss Chalet takeout, Cadbury mini eggs and a really old Jim Carrey movie, sssnnnnoooorrrrrrreeeeeeefest, i literally mean snorefest, BF fell asleep 5 minutes into The Mask and i was forced to suffer through the movie thinking he was snuggled up with the pillows on the floor watching it, wasn't till the end of the movie i realized he was totally passed out!  The doodle went for a sleepover at her Nana and Papas and i seriously missed her fluffy face though i have to admit not having to take her on a 6am potty run was a treat!

Saturday: Work dragged forever, it was a VERY quiet day in the branch but the highlight of Saturday was Lululemon, my happy place :o)   Helped Monica and her daughter pick out their first lulu pieces (i feel like a proud mama pushing her addiction on to some one else)!  Went and picked the furbaby up at my parents and had a quick visit then made nachos with BF, with BF means i try to get him to do as much stuff to help me as possible before he slowly walks backwards out of the kitchen and runs to the safety of the tv room, BF is not a fan of the kitchen
BF posing in his new lululemon
Doodle showing her lulu love, we tried to put a hat on her, she was NOT having it!

Sunday: Woke up at 6:30 to take care of fur baby, so stayed up with her and had lots of doodle snuggles, watch Glee, cry watching glee, wonder why i always cry when i watch glee, want to go sing moving songs to complete strangers, doodle makes me realize it would be a better idea to go for a run instead!  After run head to yoga for an hour then spent the afternoon with my parents as house was being shown twice, then i made a homemade pizza for BF and watched Amazing Race, we are a truly boring couple!

Lovely lookout in the town i grew up in!
Hamming around with my mum who i dragged to the grocery store because i had time to kill
waiting for the real estate agents to evacuate my house - we are currently in the drive through for
Tim Hortons here (canadians LOVE their timmys)

Odd Happenings on the weekend:

1. As i was running around the house vacuuming in a towel Saturday before work (we had 2 showings scheduled for the day) i think the vacuum tried to contact extraterrestrials, you should have heard the sound coming out of it, it was unnatural and only wearing a towel made me a prime candidate for alian prodding (probe is a word i have vetoed from this blog)

2. The branch i work at was eerie quiet, we are the biggest branch in our area and having no customers is usually an indication that the end is near, i mean in the middle of snowmageddon a huge storm we experienced in Ontario this winter we still had more customers then we did today!

3. Our branch Greeter smacked me in the face!!!...  Obviously it was accidentally (i enjoyed the shock you might have felt reading that though!) but if you knew her the thought of her smacking another coworker would seem impossible and possibly something very out of character for her, perhaps her body was taken over? Or maybe she just turned around to point to something as i bent down to pick something up and hand met face, i prefer to go with option 1, it amps up the creepy factor i'm going for in this list!

4. Grown man playing with puppets in car in front of us, nuff said

5. Crazy neighbour lady taking photos of possible ufo's on her deck, oh wait thats just me taking food photos and i'm pretty sure thats EXACTLy what the neighbours think im doing

6. A monster snuck into our house and spewed evil poisonous venom all over our sitting area in attempt to destroy sweet family with toxic gases, translation: fluffy puppy got sick all over our cream rug in the front room, only thing it actually destroyed was my slumber :o)

And i really want to end my recap Monday with an AMAZING recipe!  Today is one of my top dinners and i came up with this about 2 years ago when i found out the calorie information in restaurant nachos and once i was resuciateated i came up with this....

Donnas Too Tasty to be Healthy Nachos


- 1 Bag of healthy nacho chips (feel free to go crazy with your choices here, i usually buy multigrain plain but today i went with lime flavoured organic (not that good), just try to keep the weird chemical ingredients out) I don't use the whole bag so i keep the leftovers to have as healthy snacks in the week
- 1/4 Can of Black Beans
- 1 Cup of chopped Spinach
- Peppers (red, green, yellow, your choice, just save some red for the fluffy monster, they are her most favourite food, my dog is "quirky" just like her mum)
- 1 Chicken Breast
- 1 Tbsp BBQ Sauce
-1/2 Tbsp of Water
- 2 Green Onions
- Grated Cheese (i used cheddar light and mozarella light)
- Salsa
- Sour Cream (i used greek yoghurt - in plain hahahaaa one day i did use vanilla by mistake, fail!)


1. Lay down one full layer of of chips on Pie plate covered in tin foil (i do 2 layers for BF, 1 layer for me)
2. Wonder why donna put only 1 layer of chips on, those things are tasty!  Answer: there are so many toppings to fill you up you don't want to have plain chips on the bottom, they will be sad and feel left out
3. Pull chicken breast apart and mix with BBQ Sauce and Water in a small bowl
4. Top chips with drained and rinsed black beans, chopped spinach, peppers
5. Drop chicken on top in well spaced intervals (yes i'm that much of a spaz)
6. Sprinkle with cheese, eat leftover cheese that "accidentally" got left on counter
7. Top with chopped green onion
8. Put in oven on low grill for approximately 10 minutes
9. Make sure the cheese is bubbly and starting to brown, its honestly the only way cheese should be served, don't make me come over and put the nachos back in your oven!
10. Eat with Salsa and Sourcream on the side for dipping
11. Message me with gratitude as these are simply AMAZING!!!


So thats the weekend wrap up, I'm going to go get into a cheese coma after looking at 
those nacho pics again or at least nibble some goat cheese in from the fridge - i most definitely can not fit in my fridge, though the refridgerator might qualify as another one of my happy places :o)

This week my goals are to not eat after 7 and take part in Morgans Pipes challenge, check it out here, i'm on my way to being able to do 100 pushups, wish me luck!!! xox


Monica C said...
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Monica C said...

Taylor is soooo loving her "first" new lulu sweater...I mean almost as much as you looooove.them
had a laugh again about the
and what I realized after reading your blog..we so should have taken pics in front of time....btw Taylor loved that you knew more than the lulu employee...!!

Barb Allgood said...

I miss you and your quirky personality!!!!!!1

Fisherman's Wife said...

The puppy photo is so funny! I have a doodle that could be your doodle's twin brother and we also have an abundance of lulu bags in our household!

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