Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I smell pretty - A valentine day recap

Layer 1: dairy milk cream cheese frosting
Layer 2: straight melted dairy milk
Layer 3: hershey hug
i know i cross contaminated brands of
bf doesn't mind
I took the picture pre oven to show shape
formation, post oven it just looked kind
of oval shaped!
Still no Aruba blog and pics, i promise to get to them soon!
Yesterday consisted of Unpacking, laundry, grocery shoppping and making BF a valentines feast
First there was the heart shaped pizza, then the triple layer (count em, 3 layers!) rice krispie treats and then BF surprised me with perfume - our plan WAS to buy something together since we didn't have time to pick something up before our trip, so i was mucho surprised to receive a present, now when i get annoyed with BF i start telling him off and each time his response is "you smell pretty" to which i bat my eyelashes and say really? gosh i love this perfume honey and totally forget why i was annoyed, sneaky bugger!

Had to go back to work today (insert sad face here)
I'm planning to go till Friday as a vegan, i'll keep you updated!
I smell pretty, oh so pretty: name the movie!.... dirty dancing people, that was a hard one :o)

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Shelley V. said...

Vera Wang Princess ... this bottle is one of my faves and looks so pretty next to my bottle of Chanel Eau Fraiche :)

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