Monday, February 28, 2011

Where for art thou Ketchup?

I haven't forgot the plan... well yet anyway, i am a forgetful procrastinating blonde (with a small head)

Here is the riveting magical masterpiece premiere (i'm watching the Oscars as i type this can you tell?) of recap monday, hold tight its going to be AWARD WINNING stuff, or at least blog worthy, too bad there isn't Oscars for blogs, you could call is the Blogscars, hahahaaa - i'm slightly delirous right now, i'll explain more later, just have a little patience (with me and this dragging oscar broadcast)

So anyway, I had a super weekend - i'll give a little recap then upload some pics with I will explain in the 3 words or less, just because i love a challenge! (that and the Oscars are really boring so far)

Friday we rented some movies got take out and snuggled all night, friends dropped by and we just plain relaxed in our Den of Snuggles (aka: our tv room)

Rented some movies...

LRT Movie reviews in five words or less (3 just doesn't cut it)

You again - Funny AND Lame at same time
Megamind - Not as funny as hoped
Case 39 - Freaky but meh, Orphan better

Drank some beer

Doodle got treats

Saturday we went on a short roadtrip to Hamilton to use up my benefits money on sunglasses, we looked at some model homes there and decided the builder we were going with just isn't up to snuff so we panicked and spend most of Saturday night on looking for new builders

Doodle loves blowdryer!

Snacks vs Coach

New sunglasses frenzy

Williams lunches rock                                                                    Smiley starbucks date

Made individual brownies                                                               Funny funny guy

Frolic in Snow
Didn't take photos was having too much fun in the snow with my loves

Sunday i woke up sick - blech!  We went to look at some model homes and found 2 builders with a few lots left in the area we want and we actually made an appointment for a realtor we met (who has a doodle too!) to come look at the house on Wednesday - progress!!!  
I hallucinated twice (due to immense sickness aka: sore throat and headache) once i freaked out because i thought a house had a sign saying it cost $519,755,5555 it was actually a builders phone number, THEN i pointed out a doggie in the next car to the doodle and realized it was a little boy in a baseball cap, my mind completely dissolves the second i get a sore throat, its embarrasing
Had fab dinner with the family celebrating brother in laws birthday, Happy 28th Chris!!!  And made some great race plans with my sister, i'm SO itching to start my half marathon training!

Oh and that title?  Thats because BF and i spent 20 minutes searching for our ketchup (he refuses to eat scrambled eggs without ketchup, i'm serious here friends, you think i'm quirky? you haven't met my BF), yeah so this is where we found it, i am sooo blonde and ridiculous sometimes, i tried to act unsure how it happened but it was totally me

Like wheres Waldo the condiment edition

Speaking of eggs, here is todays foodie post in pictures!

First came the egg (or was it the chicken? LOL)

Add in this contraption, try not to make it dirty, i know its difficult not too!

Add them together and you get this, bet you didn't see that coming, if you did just play along, im sick and i need positive reinforcement

Throw in a little spinach and ezekial toast of course

And then consume it with your mouth, perfection! Now if only i could remember where i put that ketchup?

Hope everyone else had a GREAT weekend!


amber said...

I can not believe how much the pic 'frolic in the snow' looks like you!! lol

Courtney (Pancakes and Postcards) said...

Really cute little pictures!

I'm glad I found your blog. My blog is about the same things that I too "heart." Good times. :)

Travelbug said...

Thanks Amber, i really feel i portrayed the excitement of the walk in my drawing :o)
Thanks Courtney, i'm off to check your blog right now!

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