Friday, February 18, 2011

Look at me, i'm a PEAR!

Hi friends

I'm so excited to find another real life friend who blogs as well, check Leah out here, she is frickin adorable and her last post for that sandwich makes me want to live off of paninis forever!

Zumba last night?  Spent half the class wanting to run away and hide, but seeing as i was there with 3 other friends, that would have been very uncool of me, so i struggled through and they paid me back by laughing (and occasionally pointing) as i'm usually the bouncy lets go harder one, so i know they enjoyed watching me try not to pass out after that damn Americano song! 

So the run i was going on this morning? Turned into the hike from hell!  The route i assumed would be melted was NOT and i trudged, climbed, slipped, slided (ohhh side bar: remember slip and slides? those were fun and only a wee bit traumatizing), and got soaked - what i can normally run in 40 minutes took me 1 hr 5 minutes, i feel the 5 minutes are important enough to mention here!  The doodle was having a blast getting filthy and smelling everything in existance but let me tell you melting snow reveals little "presents" that other dog owners have left behind,  please neighbours scoop the doodie so my doodle (get it? doodie - doodle! no? *sigh* nevermind, i agree it was lame) doesn't step in it and i won't have to yell "no, dirty" attracting way too much attention to myself on what was supposed to be a fun run, We finally got home 5 minutes after i was supposed to start getting ready for work,  my relaxing morning has vanished, i was completely soaked, and i had a mucky (yet happy) doodle, bring on the day!

Okay, back to the post title, Am i the only one who remembers the radio and tv commercial for a fitness centre whose catchy slogan went a little like this "Don't want to be flabby anymore, I dont' want to be a fat guy, look at me i'm a PEAR!"

This commercial was beyond lame but it made me giggle because as i learned in grade 8 health class I have the classic pear body shape and i frequently sing the slogan out loud while i'm shopping when say the top of a dress is too loose while the bottom is tight (imagine me in a small cubicle dressing room here - i'll be patient while you conjure up this image: now imagine BF waits impatiently outside pretending not to know me when he hears me singing out loud... "look at me, i'm a PEAR"!) Now comes the part where I yell "Babe, where did you go? Don't you want to see how ridiculous i look in this dress, the top is too big and the bottom too small cause you guessed it, I'm a PEAR"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i bet you are all wondering, what shape am I? And can i sing the Pear song with Donna in a capella version cause that would totally be fun!

Here you go, no serious research went into this blog readers, i just googled body shapes
Now don't worry if you aren't a Pear, think of all the fun songs we could make up about Inverted Triangles :o)
So as i've mentionned finding clothes that fit me is a challenge, i came across this article online, its british (as most of the best things are, lol!) but has great key ideas on how to dress for your body shape

All this talk about fruit is making me hungry, have a great day everyone!

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Steggie said...

hmmm...interesting post. Turns out I'm a Vase not an hour glass. And I agree it certainly doesn't feel like an easy shape to dress - perhaps it the 5ft 11ins of me that makes it difficult!?

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