Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebook meet blog; Blog meet Facebook

So the other day one of my fab work friends started a blog about following weight watcher recipes for 100 days, check it out here (go Hil!)

Well she linked to it on her FB and i wrote a comment as my blog persona completing voiding my attempt to blog anonomously, oops!

So here it is FB friends, my blog, its full of ridiculousness but occasionally you will find interesting facts, yummy recipes, a bit of lululemon worshipping, and honestly whatever pops into my tiny blonde head (Laugh it up but i know for a fact my head is tiny because i fit into kids hats: so there!)

I've inserted a silly picture of me here to emphasize my ridiculousness
Please note my tiny head

I've been blogging since December and i find it allows me to gab non stop about all my loves of shopping, eating, cooking, being healthy, working out and traveling.  It was fun doing it by myself and people who don't know me are actually reading but since so many of you love the humour i bring to my cccrraaazzzzyyyy travel blogs and you listen to me yack about chia seeds way too often, I thought it would be really fantastic of me (are you keeping track? I'm fantastic and i have a small head, keep following there might be a pop quiz at a later date) to share my blog

Enjoy Friends xox

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Leah Rosenthal said...

Loving your blog Donna!
Check mine out at: I have been blogging for almost two years!


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