Thursday, February 24, 2011

One of those days

This is seriously the face i'm making as i write
Its part confused/part sad/part startled/part irritated but still kinda cute :o)

 Yesterday was just one of those days, you know the kind i mean...
  • Where you dislike everyone for no real reason - a neighbour glanced my way while i was waiting for the car to heat up and i just felt him judging me for not scraping and just waiting for the car de-scrape itself, and honestly he probably just had a neck spazm
  • Everything makes you want to cry - not just sappy commercials because those ALWAYS make me cry, but being out of paperclips? cue the tears
  • Nothing goes right - BF was not a fan of the morning oatmeal and i felt like a big failure no matter how many hugs i got
  • You feel completely out of control of everything in your life - cue the violins, i'm going to vent... 
I will be honest and say a lot of this stems from it being my "unreasonable time" of the month, the other part is my unhappiness in my job, i need to make a change but its hard, i'm a grown up now and i have to make grown up decisions like recently saying no to a dream job because of the drop in income and it being a contract position (it would halt our entire plan to build a house), but saying no to that job has spurred me into trying to make a change beause i don't want to wake up and realize i've wasted away months/years of my life wishing time away - i know you don't have to love your job especially if it makes you a good income but you do have to not feel dread at the start of every work day and thats how i feel right now, so no more excuses, changes will be a comin (cue "chchchanges, turn and face the strain"- are you swaying with me or are you thinking i got the words wrong because i actually googled them and thats the real words, those are definitely not what i have been singing the last 31 years?)

Okay, enough of the serious stuff  -  on those days where nothing will make me feel better i make comfort food - here are the results


Donnas Shephards Pie
my healthy spin on an old classic aka: the healthified version

My relationship with shephards pie goes wwwaaayyyy back - we are totally buds - it was always a welcomed dinner in the L family household (unlike say liver, shudder!), this is one of those hodge podge meals you can just throw anything in - except the kitchen sink, you need that to do the dishes (but who am i kidding i put everything in the dishwasher)


  • Lean ground beef, pork, turkey or my choice soy beef
  • Shallots
  • Your choice of vegetables - today i was feeling the corn/greenbean/tomato combo
  • Potato topping - i used a mix of cauliflower and sweet potato
  • Seasoning - i usually go with a ketchup/bbq sauce combo but today i'm venturing into organic spice mix territory
  • Cheese, cheese glorious cheese

  1. Steam/microwave/boil your potatoes (i steamed my chopped cauliflower and sweet potatoes in the microwave)
  2. Mash your potatos, or if you are lazy like me use the immersion blender, then add in a little greek yoghurt, garlic, and butter to make it creamy
  3. Add a little olive oil to a frying pan and toss in some chopped up shallots (best way to explain shallots would be for you to imagine that garlic and onions had a baby and since they thought apple was a dumb name and gwyenth had already used it they called it shallot - not to be confused with shiloh)
  4. Add in your meat
  5. Cook until your meat is browned - i don't want anyone getting food poisoning on my watch! (if its soy it will only take a couple of minutes to heat up)
  6. Add your spinach, seasoning, corn and green beans
  7. Once the spinach is wilted remove from heat
  8. Layer your potatos onto the meat and spread evenly
  9. Sprinkle with cheese
  10. Broil in the oven on low for approx 5 minutes, make sure you watch it and don't get distracted playing spin for a treat with your doodle because that would make you have to come up with vveerryy creative ways to photograph dinner without showing unphotogenic brown spot on the top!
RESULT: This was super tasty, we had enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow and BF didn't even notice the cauliflower mixed in to the sweet potatoes, this recipe is definitely a keeper


The rest of the evening was spent being imaginative with migraine solving solutions: i drank wine, took tylenol, and last but not least created (not just made: i created it sounds fancier) home made ginger molasses cookies, and then proceeded to eat my weight in cookies - don't worry i'm not just being a tease, the recipe will come tomorrow!

Until then i'm going to put my perky hat on (yes yes its size small and i look ridonkulous in it) and i'm GOING to have a better day, i'm usually only "unreasonable" for one day a month, i just feel bad for all the glasses of wine and ginger molasses cookies i hurt during those 24 hours

Bye friends, i'm off to figure out how to dethaw my car without running into THE neighbour and find some more damn paperclips or its just going to be niagara falls all over again!

Have a great day xox


Allison @ Food For Healing said...

i hear ya!
i am in the same situation with my job. im working where i currently do, for the money.. not because i love it. I am going to school as well to become a nutritionist. its so hard to do something you dont have your whole heart in just to get something you want, like an education.. or in your case a house!
cheer up! things will all work out in the end. its the way life goes, it is tricky that way. just you wait!

Travelbug said...

So excited for you going to school for nutrition - are you loving it?
Its always nice to have something to look forward to (education, travel, house), it makes getting up and dragging your bum to work that much easier!
Thanks for the kind words, i really appreciate them :o)

Shelley V said...

I really just did laugh out loud Donna ... and I know you love me so you'll tolerate me tormenting you.
The reason I giggle at this blog? dethaw.
Say it out loud and try and make sense of the word.
I know, you were having a bad day but you still made me giggle.


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