Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plants vs. Zombies vs. Angry Birds

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I'm a bit of an apple nerd
There I admit it!

I own an iphone (its my 4th, i like to do ridiculous things to my phones)
Version 1: dropped and broke screen on a rock 2 weeks after getting it

Version 2: screen stopped working in middle of mexico vacation (my poor family thought i was dead due to lack of daily texts advising everyone what fruity drink i was currently consuming)
Version 3: dropped on my doorstep and turned the screen into one big spider web of cracks
Version 4: is currently encased in an otterbox cover - check them out!  This should help with my clumsy tendancies

I also have a macbook, i totally love it but have to admit i probably only know how to use it to 50% of its capacity, i love going into apple stores and reading that screen at the back of the store with tips, i ALWAYS learn something new!

D has a iPad too!  It was my present to him on his 30th birthday, i don't get to use it very often, D is much more in control of his limbs then me and would probably faint if i dropped iPad so i don't touch it much!

So my 2 favourite games are

Angry Birds
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Actual screen shot of me playing the game


Plants vs. Zombies
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Screen shot of me playing plants vs. zombies screaming die, die!

Check them out, they provide hours upon hours of mindless fun, beware though, these games cause me to swear like a sailor at my phone in ways that make even me blush :o)