Saturday, February 19, 2011

25 random things

Looking all snazzy as the maid of honour for my bee-autiful sisters wedding
Please note:this is not a regular occurrence, i'm currently wearing sweat pants and a hoodie (but they are lulu of course!)

Remember when this trend totally took over facebook?

Well i've decided to revisit the note in my FB archives and post it here (with a few amendments, its been about 2 years since i wrote it, things have  changed to say the least)

1. I'm a natural blonde and i often say things to prove it - well that hasn't changed, lol!

2. Since i met BF we have traveled to 5 countries together in 18 months - with a lot more trips planned, after a couple of months i start jonesing for the smell of jet fuel

3. Some of my most favourite people I met online randomly and 2 years later we are still all friends - heart you A, A, C, C, D, P, M, S, J

4. My dog is my "person", not only does she think she is human, she thinks she is a spoiled princess human - no idea where she gets the princess thing from ;o)

5. I have a list of places around the world i want to photograph and i'm 1/3 of the way through - I think the heads on Easter Island will be the hardest to cross of my list

6. My sarcasm often gets me in trouble but it makes life just a little funnier - and provides lots of filler for my blog posts!

7. My absolute favourite part of going to the movies is the previews, I have a fit if i'm late and miss even one

8. I read  A LOT, I am currently reading two books, but i've been known to go through one a day, my e-reader is my favourite new accessory - i'm not picky about what i read ever, i *might* have just Lauren Conrads newest book, tehehee

9. A big reason i love visiting Vegas isn't just the shopping, its the amazing things the dry air does to my hair - i am so jealous of people that get to live somewhere with dry heat, its like the fountain of youth (and good hair)

10. I heart technology and i'm an apple girl - yet i still have issues moving photos around on this blog!

11. I'm a total klutz, i swear inanimate objects look at me and fall over, BF calls me butterfingers - he isn't talking about the chocolate bars either!

12. I'm a bit of a brand whore, lululemon should give me shares - so should Gap, Banana Republic, Coach, Nine west and Winners!

13. Yoga makes me sane (nothing beats a good downward dog) - i can add that nothing beats a good sky diver either, because anti gravity yoga rocks!

14. I am a grumpy bear if I don't get around 9 hours of sleep every night

15. If i'm not fed at regular intervals i get really nasty - i actually took a jar of peanut butter on our last trip, its my go-to food when i start getting the hunger shakes and BF enjoys having something to shut me up with when i start growling

16. I bought my first car (a standard) with no idea how to drive it - good memories of my dad trying to teach me how to drive in a parking lot, i'm surprised neither one of us ended up with whiplash, i was not a quick learner!

17. I make a killer white chocolate cheesecake - note to self, make killer white cheesecake and post recipe on blog, you will be in love... with a cheesecake

18. My smile is perfect thanks to 2 years of braces at the age of 23 - most embarrassing part of braces, meeting with a client in my office and one of the elastics flying across the room, neither one of us pretended to notice, i wanted to crawl under my desk and rock in the fetal position till they left (i didn't but that would have been funnier, funnier then an elastic flying out of your mouth mid conversation even)

19. I love to do laundry, there is something soothing about the whole process - however i don't iron, that's what dryers are for!

20. I only use Coach purses but i've never bought one at a Coach store, just the outlets - nothing puts a spring in my step like a good outlet deal!

21. I adore my parents, i'm so lucky to have such supportive, amazing, loving people in my life

22. My best friends have been my best friends for 17 years - and yes Ali if you read this, i know i HAVE to move to KW!

23. Nothing pleases me more then a well stocked fridge full of healthy food - i've been known to take photos of said well stocked fridge and put it on my blog, i'm a proud fridge mama!

24. This is SO embarrassing but i'm putting it up here, when i do arm circles during cool downs at the gym it makes my face twitch and i look like i have an elvis lip curl - please i beg you if i know you in real life don't ask me to do it, i will expire from embarrassment

25. My last number was "I still believe in happily ever after" - guess what? I got it! :o)

Happily ever after: beach edition
Tune back in tomorrow, for my attempt to recreate a canadian classic cold dessert!
Donna xox


Samantha said...

I love a fridge stocked full of wholesome food too!!

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<3 you too!

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