Monday, April 4, 2011

World according to Wydlee

Its Recap Monday!

And guess what? I won something!!!! No i'm not talking about Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim though i totally have won some of those, i won a blogger award, more info at the end of this post...

Since i didn't have much of a weekend, i thought i would share the blog with the fur baby

I always call her the doodle on the blog but her name is actually Sydney

We like to call her fluffy monster, snuggler, wuffy mc wuffalot, bunny, and Wydlee, I would hate to thing of what she would call me if she could talk (cause sometimes i like to pretend she can talk and have conversations with her, my neighbours are probably happy we are moving off the street)

Sydney loves long walks, playing with her cousin Alice, hanging out at her Nana and Papas, spooning when we sleep in too late, eating red peppers (but not black pepper that usually results in barfing - usually on our expensive cream shag rug), she prefers playing in snow and trying to funnel her way to china

Now while i consider why that last paragraph made it seem like i'm writing a single ad for my dog here is a collage of photos Sydney has composed entitled...

Life According to The Monster

Never be afraid to ask for what you want, you might just get it

Don't be scared to look silly, we are all slaves to fashion

Looking like your mum is cool

Take chances and try out new "looks"

 Never be afraid to get down and dirty

Some days its okay to hide from the world

Other days its necessary to let your voice be heard

And always remember to be a lady


Now on to the weekend....

Trashy Magazines + Pedicure = bliss
Friday was a perfect me day, pedicure and trashy magazines because even though i murdered 100 brain cells learning about Jennifer Annistons bad manicure, i enjoyed every second of it!  Take out from my favourite Thai restaurant and i cooked some yummy brown rice to go with it instead of their white rice (who am i?), wine from my favourite winery (i know you won't believe me but it took me 2 weeks to finish this bottle off, honest!), cheesecake from a local bakery, and for a good long laugh

Mmmm wine

Mango Raspberry Cheescake? Oh yes please
And i can't get enough of the site, its soooooo funny my sides hurt from laughing


Saturday i worked till 4, loaded up on Starbucks goodies for energy then headed to Milestones in Guelph for the lovely Amys Bachelorette Party, i could only make the dinner part but margueritas were had and the conversation resulted in prior mentioned marguerita being snorted out of nose, so much fun,  Amy is going to make such a beautiful bride!

Sunday i headed to Vaughn Mills and even though Jennie and I figured we would be finished in around 3 hours it was about 6 hours later, and lots of shoe drooling we finally hopped on the highway to home - picture are of shoes i had to be physically separated from when i found out they didn't have my size,  my loot for the day, and look a winter hat from LuLuLemon, how practical :o)


And guess what? I received my first blogger award from Marcy at Too Timid And Squeamish - Isn't it pretty? I'm sooooo peemypants excited!

Okay so the rules are I have to tell you 7 facts about myself and pass the award on to several blogs i've found recently - then i have to tell them about it!

Ready for the facts? You know how much i like to overshare so here you go (oh and bonus fact when i say peemypants excited all the time i don't actually pee, thought you might be a little worried about my bladder control, and puddles, so i wanted to clear that up, no mop necessary!)

1. I experienced pure bliss on the steps of Michaelangelos piazzale in Florence Italy, listening to a live band play what is now "our song", with the sun on our faces, bellys full of pasta, it was one of my most favourite moments EVER

2. I've been to 19 different countries around the world but only 2 provinces out of 10* in Canada (you know, the country i actually live in), i blame the airline industrys stupid prices and the fact i can fly back to England for cheaper then flying to Alberta - DUMB!
* Yeah i actually had to look up how many provinces there are, bad Donna

3. I am an epic clutz, like its ridiculous (a word i use WAY too often on this blog), stuff looks at me and falls over, my fingers have a layer of butter on them at all times, i trip over NOTHING, i've killed a lot of flat ware, glasses run in the opposite direction when i reach for them (beleive me, i didn't know glasses could run either!)

4. I met my boyfriend on E-Harmony, i'm not ashamed of this, i think its cool!  All my friends were married and in relationships and i really don't do the whole bar thing (though these pictures might say otherwise)  Turns out we go to the same gym, have the same doctor and his financial advisor is my coworker who works in the office next to me!  We were totally destined to meet, we just needed the good old internet to get there :o) 

5. My dog is my child, i even compose entire blogs written by her as shown above!  She is the best money i've ever spent and nothing makes me happier then coming home to her happy doodle face, The BF, Doodle and I regularly have family snuggle sessions, and she is my constant running companion - unless she sees a squirrel then all bets are off

Okay i only have 5 but if you are desperate to know more about me (and lets be honest, who isn't?) here is my list of 25 random facts about moi

The most recent (i read a lot of other AMAZING blogs as well) blogs i've discovered and love
5. Helen, Naturally!
6. Food for Healing
7. Real Food Katies Way 
Okay so that was a HUGE post, makes up for the lack of posts during the weekend!

Happy Monday friends - only 56 hours till its quitting time on Friday ;o)


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

Love your precious pup! I have about a million nicknames for my sweet dog, too- it's amazing she isn't completely confused as to what her real name is :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for tagging me! :)

How much do I LOVE your dog?!? Oh my gosh, I just want to bury my face in that furry head of hers. My dog Chase has a lot of nicknames too, but his aren't all as flattering as Sydney's. Senor Bratigan, Johnny Wigglebutt, Chester the Molester and Senor Poopypants are just a few. Wow, I never realized how lame we were until I typed that out...

Fisherman's Wife said...

OK, now I swear even more our doodles are twins! I pretty much have all the same pictures as you do of your munchkin, including the buzz cut and the mud. Just last week my husband told me Mugsy was full-on spooning him. Hilarious!

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

thank you so much for the award!! i've done a couple of about me posts and am running out of things to say about i probably won't do another because i don't want to bore you to death, but if you're interested in reading the previous ones, let me know and i can send you the links :)

Miss Smart said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the award. :) I can't wait to tell the world even MORE about myself...I'll try to get to it this weekend!

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