Thursday, April 28, 2011

Put a hat on it

Kind of like put a ring on it, only with hats? Still with me, this is one of those posts, buckle in :o)

So is anyone else gearing up for the Royal wedding EXTRAVAGANZA tomorrow?

Now i have to tell you, hats are very important part of weddings in the UK, isn't this one a doozy?
Hi, my name is crazy and i like yellow hats that look like curly horns, they unravel into a seriously badass weapon

And i LOVE hats, see the following examples...
I look like the undercover pink detective 
Could my kissing recipient look any less interested?  Maybe she isn't a fan of my hat choice either?
I love love love this roxy hat, its a little squished and crooked from being in my luggage though, i'm so happy here i'm doing the nose scrunch smile!
Yes we are wearing matching hats in Venice, he might grumble about it, but BF loves lululemon too!
Group hat shot, note to self don't wear an ear flap hat tubing again, its hard to hold on to a tube and ear flap hat at the same time!
This is one of my favourite "hat" photos, i really think i'm rocking the pigtail hat look, sexy no? 

And BF dares to make fun of my hat choices!  Here we are rocking the mummy/canadian winter look 
This hat is super cute imho, don't worry you don't have to agree, i like my delusions!
Hats however obviously don't love me as you can see from the above photos

I've mentionned my tiny head on multiple occasions on this blog

But it really is true, i don't usually look that great in hats, they are usually all too big for me and i honestly believe its a travesty of epic proportions

I have one that BF threatens to throw out everytime he sees it, i think its cute, he thinks its fugly

Its not going anywhere though, its seen some pretty great times on holiday plus I have this unfortunate habit of developing sunstroke on vacation due to my pale pale skin and light fair hair so hats are an absolute necessity for me, i will therefore always be a fashion disaster

So todays smoothie didn't want to feel left out of all the fun...

Her Royal Highness Smoothie

2 handfuls of spinach
1/2 frozen banana
1 vanilla soy milk drinking box
1 dollop of greek yoghurt
1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
2 ice cubes

Blend and prepare yourself for the best smoothie ever (well so far) and get organized for the wedding
Not sure this is the kind of hat you wear to royal wedding but i didn't want to hurt smoothies feelings
Smoothie is checking on the kale to make sure we have healthy snacks for the wedding viewing 
Wants to make sure the satellite is working okay, nothing ruins a good wedding stalking watching more then satellite signal loss
Weather looks promising!
And then smoothie got comfy for the show but since its an entire day away i didn't want to hurt its feelings so i drank it instead, teeheheheeeeeee
So in summary of my totally silly random hat post, if you are having a bad day, the only solution is to put a hat on it, it will solve all issues and make for some interesting conversation starters, just don't go with the yellow one at the top of the blog, i might have to point and laugh at you and i would NEVER want to point and laugh at all my sweet, lovely blog readers (except for you BF, you make fun of that black hat one more time and i'm throwing out your new lululemon one in retaliation!)