Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm a rebel with a clause

Sometimes i even amuse myself with my Post Titles, I truly feel my career in banking is a waste of Tag Line talent

I spent this weekend truly rebeling against the man, well kind of, lets have the pictures show the story in true Monday Recap fashion

 ReBeL: The Easter bunny visited my office on Thursday, i might have traded the eggs i didn't like with my coworker who was out of the office, shhhh!
ClAuSe: I made sure I asked the Easter bunny's permission first

ReBeL: Played board games with friends ON the stove
ClAuSe: It was turned off

ReBeL: I played with this bunny even though i'm kinda scared of rabbits
ClAuSe: I didn't actually hold it, i just kind of petted its head due to actual immense bunny phobia

ReBeL: I took photos at the gym even though there is a strict no cell phone policy

ClAuSe: I made sure to turn it on vibrate first and there was no one within a 5 machine radius

ReBeL: I took foodie photos in front of my family
ClAuSe: I used my iPhone so nobody noticed

ReBeL: I ate icecream in -2celcius weather
ClAuSe: we had the heat turned up on high in the car

ReBeL: I fed the furry monster that lives in the back of our sedan
ClAuSe: She repaid me with sweet doodle kisses

ReBeL: I did shots with my sister at 11am in the middle of the Brantford Farmers Market
ClAuSe: The shots were made of wheat grass
ps: aren't we cute in our matching lulu hoodies?

ReBeL: I smelled the pretty Easter flowers even though i know i'm allergic to some kind of flower
ClAuSe: It's definitely not this flower, i remember now it was purple and resembled daisies

ReBeL: I ate A LOT of Easter chocolate on Sunday
ClAuSe: Its okay because i worked my ass of at the gym Friday and Saturday and its British Chocolate so if it comes from another country, the calories TOTALLY don't count

Friday: BF and I hit the gym then went to the Brown Dog in Paris, a lovely little cafe that has amazing views, (when it isn't freezing out) i had an AMAZING Gouda, Caramelized Onion and Sundried Tomato Sandwich, yummmm - only downfall to the Brown Dog chain is they don't take debit, who doesn't take debit nowadays?

Saturday: Went to Physique 57 and Zumba then perused the Farmers Market and picked up a TON of fresh produce, sooo excited to get to the market more now the weather is finally turning spring like, We went to Limeridge in Hamilton to find me a dress to wear to the wedding we are attending next week but alas i was too picky and nothing looked right, bummer! BF and i decided on a date night and went to a local Greek/Italian restaurant and had an amazing early bird special dinner and then went to see Scream 4

LRT Movie Review: Scream 4
Truly typical Scream movie material but with a good twist at the end, i did however have nightmares all night, i always feel brave until i'm sitting in the theatre and then i chicken out :oP

Sunday: We slept in (surprise, surprise), had brunch at my parents, yummmm, came home and relaxed and did laundry then had my in laws over for dinner, made tacos (super Easteree huh?) and I used turkey instead of ground beef - must show the world healthy alternatives one dinner at a time muahahahaaaa

Sorry i've been totally MIA this weekend, no comments and no reading, bad blogger!

You see the more overwhelmed i get in life, the more i abandon all responsibilities

Selling the house and having to pack everything and live out of boxes for a month is truly stressing me out to ridiculous proportions, i really make my own stress, we didn't pack one box this weekend and as much as I know we have to get started, relaxing this weekend was soooo necessary 

BUT i'm back and i'll be blogging some great recipes for you this weekend

Until then...

ReBeL: i didnt photograph a single recipe for you this weekend
ClAuSe: i do have these photos of Angelas Vegan Lentil Loaf left over from vegan week

Review: Totally reminded me of the consistency of meatloaf however next time I will leave out the walnuts, i dont like nuts in food, i'm quirky like that!

Happy Monday everyone xox