Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Retro Wednesday

Well if we want to rhyme with Wednesday it should be Wetro Wednesday but seriously, everything old is new again - including me!

Let me explain.

Not quite this retro!
This last weekend BF and i spent a lot of time just cuddled up in our house enjoying each others company and taking long walks around the neighbourhood and for once I wasn't jonesing to go shopping or visit 9 million people, i was just happy to have a quiet weekend in

And then i realized...

I'm getting old

Let me give you an example

You know when your mum shops with you and points out that she used to have that specific skirt(The exact one Donna!!!) When she was younger...

Well thats how i'm feeling lately, Retro.

Nothing makes me happier then padding around our kitchen in bare feet cooking for my man - what am i a 1950's housewife?

I find myself smiling at songs on the radio from my youth  (yeah that would be the 1990's) the way my parents smile at songs by some guy named Chris De Burgh -> That was your cue to start humming "Lady In Red", i know i am!

I bought a food processor and posed for photos with it

Where did the days go when all i wanted was those jeans with the zipper up the side - oh wait, i can get those at the mall they are in fashion again, (hear that mum? I get to say that now too!!!)

But doing these things makes me happy, i still love going out and seeing friends, enjoying restaurants but i've come to peace with the fact that it's okay to enjoy a quiet night in and make black bean brownies at 6pm on a Saturday night (hasn't happened yet, but it might!)

It results in a newer, happy and serene Donna vs. you know, a spazzy stressed out Donna, and i know which version everyone prefers! 

BUT you know what isn't old? This brand new Thai Wrap recipe (i know this segue way is lame but its all i got right now, must remind my old brain to come back and edit this to be a WAY funnier segue way), I made it up while i was browsing my grocery store looking for inspiration in the aisles that I do so adore and I created it all by myself

Thai Wraps

Chinese noodles
Veggies of your choice (i used broccoli slaw, peppers, green onions)
2 Tbsp of Peanut butter
1/4 cup of Coconut milk
Juice of 1 Lime
2 Tbsp of Soya sauce
2 Tbsp of Rice Wine Vinegar
Dash of Red Pepper Flakes


1. Mix Peanut butter, milk, juice, soya sauce all in a bowl till mixed
2. Add in vegetables
3. Put in centre of wrap
4. Wrap
5. Force yourself to wait till 11am to eat it because even though you got up at 5:15, 10:30 is not an acceptable time to eat lunch!

Super tasty recipe, it looks like you can teach an old dog new tricks ;o)

Talking about dogs, my furry niece passed her surgery with flying colours and is now sporting a super fashionable neck piece! 

The cone looks familiar, i bet if Sydney could see her she would say wuff, i had one of those once, back in the day and then she would shake her head, sigh and eat some chocolate...

Oh wait, never mind... that was me!

Vegan Update!

2nd day was a lot better then day 1, still hungry but handling it better today, still upping my water consumption and i went on a 25 minute run this morning followed by an hour at Physique 57, my body is a-hurtin! 

So all is well for me, however... I found this on the kitchen counter Tuesday night!  No matter how much he tries to convince me otherwise Chocolate Buttons are NOT vegan and BF has officially failed the Vegan challenge, little bugger, I however am still on board and he is getting dirty dirty looks because dirty looks never get old xox

Question of the Day: What are your fashion regrets from your younger days? My worst was the black spandex shorts with the neon yellow stripe down the side, i loved those shorts!