Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chicken of the Sea

Do you remember that NewlyWeds episode of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lacheys reality show where she got confused about the can of food she was eating?

I don't feel like this Logo really reflects the brand name they are going for
Now this really utilizes the product name and makes you want to giggle at the same time!  I really might want to consider a career in graphic design, no?  Hahahaaaaa

I'll admit, I was confused as well because of Three reasons (feel free to count as you read along)
1. We don't have that brand in Canada
2. If its Tuna don't write Chicken on the can, kay? kay!
3. I'm blonde, nuff said!


So this leads me to my Tuna Tuesday! post

Whats that?

Its supposed to be Travel Tuesday?

You are right, but you weren't supposed to notice *sigh*

If you insist, lets try this...

We will take a little trip to where Tuna first became popular shall we...

This is a beach in Spain, Tuna first become popular in Spain and the mediteranean, lucky Tuna!

(Humour me friends, i am leading somewhere with this, i promise!)


Only about one percent of tuna comes to the market to be sold fresh. The rest goes to the cannery, because canned tuna is America's most popular fish. If you haven't yet tried fresh tuna, you're missing one of the best meals to come from the ocean. Nutrition and health

Tuna History

The word tuna dates back only to 1880 in print and is attributed as a Spanish American derivation of the English counterpart, tunny. It is derived from the Latin Thunnus, the name of its scientific genus. Tuna has been fished from the warm, temperate parts of the Mediterranean Sea and the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans since ancient times. As a member of the mackeral family, tuna naturally has a stronger, more robust flavor than whitefish.

Tuna Facts

Tuna can cruise up to 55 miles per hour, and they are constantly in motion. To keep this speed machine going, the tuna eats up to ten percent of its body weight daily. Depending on the variety, weights average from 10 pounds up to 600 pounds per fish. The majority of the commercial tuna harvest comes from California. The average consumption of tuna in America is 3.6 pounds per person, per year, most of which is canned. SOURCE

Tuna Nutrition
Canned tuna is a prominent component in many weight trainers' diets, as it is high in protein and easily prepared.
Tuna is an oily fish, and therefore contains a high amount of Vitamin D. A can of tuna in oil contains about the Adequate Intake (AI) of the US Dietary Reference Intake of vitamin D for infants, children, men, and women aged 19–50 - 200 IU.
Canned tuna can also be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. It sometimes contains over 300 milligrams (0.011 oz) per serving.[41]

Tuna Concerns

Look its a picture from Aruba, i really need to get those uploaded!
No - didn't work? Not entirely distracted? How about this...

Nothing distracts a reader more then a photo of the blogger being harassed by a flamingo!

Yeah, i thought that would do the trick :o)

So if a tuna melt sandwich and a healthy pizza had a baby, (don't think about the specifics, just go with it) this is what it would look like

Donnas Tuna Melt Pizza

1 Whole Wheat wrap
1/2 Can of Tuna
2 Tbsp of Mayo of your choice
1 Tbsp of Chipolte Sauce
Dash of salt AND pepper
Shredded Spinach
Chopped Peppers
Chopped Sundried Tomatos
Grated Light Old Cheddar
Chopped Green Onions

Spread Sauce on wrap
Layer in very specific order (if you are weird quirky like me that is!) and photograph

Finished pizza
Smile for your close up!



This post is really all over the place, just like i will be between now and the end of July (move in date), so bear with me, i can't stand the thought of abandoning you sweet blog and blog readers so you just might have to put up with Donna Rambles for a while yet, don't worry i'll make it worth your while in the end ;o)