Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Chuffed to Bits

Its Tuesday already!  and its no normal Tuesday, nope its Travel Tuesday and today we are celebrating the fact that my parents came home from Jolly old england!!!
My parents and i in Lyme Regis, England a few years ago

Can i just say how insanely jealous i am that they spent 10 days in beautiful England when they were experiencing one of the hottest Aprils ever?

Sample text messages from them included this, they like to rub things in! 

Unfortunately due to just coming back from Aruba and being in the middle of selling the house BF and i could not join them (insert rocking on the floor sobbing here)
So i've decided to share with you my Fav British things, photos and what my parents let slip that they brought us back, YAY!  Oh and there is a recipe thrown in at the end, Its totally not British but i'm sure you will forgive me ;o)

Random favourite British Things
My family
Sainsburys shopping bags
British Candy (see post here)
Small village pubs
Ploughmans lunch
Hyde Park

I went back in 2008 for the first time since we came to Canada and had a wonderful trip, these are a few highlights...
Classic photo opp!

So happy they are home safe and sound and they spilled the fact that they brought us home Easter chocolate, i have to tell you, British Easter Eggs are soooooo much better then the ones you can get here in North America, we didn't really have the Easter Bunny in England (which made for a fun talk when we arrived across the pond, can you imagine my sister and I learning about the giant bunny that delivers tiny chocolate eggs? we were leery for sure!)

Oh yummmm, is it Easter yet?  Okay on to the recipe before i ruin my macbook with chocolate envy drool

Mang-ana Soft Serve


1 frozen banana
4 pieces of frozen mango
Pretty shiny new Kitchen aid food processor 


1. Spend 10 minutes trying to get rid of that awful styrofoam off of the food processor
2. Spend another 10 minutes trying to get it to actually work
3. Realize they literally mean it will not work unless you have it on right
4. Possibly have it on right?
5. Nope, wishful thinking
6. *CLICK* yaaaaayyyy - figured it out and do happy food processor dance around the kitchen
7. Blend banana and mango together
8. Delight in the look and taste of this beautiful, healthy, easy dessert!

Vegan DAY ONE:

* Drank a lot of water (this was a serious conflict with the fact i broke the zipper on my skirt at 9am and having to wiggle out of it to pee every half hour was super annoying, Due to my inability to get the zippers to line up perfectly i had a little bump under my shirt, i refered to it all day as my tail nub, the last hour the zipper just came undone and i kind of let it stay like that, yup thats how i roll, thank god for long Banana Republic sweaters!)

* Loved having all our food organized for the day and didn't have to run around the kitchen at 5 to 6 throwing things together!

* Ate every few hours which helped but i was still seriously starving by the time i left work at 4:30!

* Learned that we need to eat a bit more protein in meals so we feel fuller (a word? yes? no? maybe so?)

Question of the day, are you planning on watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th? I admit when Fergie married into the family i SO wanted to be a bridesmaid, totally unrealistic but hey, i was 6

Ps: Wishing my sisters fur baby a speedy recovery from having her lady parts snipped xox