Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Adventures in Dehydrating

I must be getting nostalgic in my age because i'm regressing again back to 1987 when Adventures in Babysitting came out, anyone else remember that movie?

I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, my sister and i or my parents, these are the classics our kids will watch one day on their ipids (we have had ipad and ipod, ipid is the next logical step) and they will try to understand what we ever saw in scrunchies and who Thor was!  (I still don't really know who Thor was, we had just moved to Canada at that point but i'm pretty sure there is a new movie about him opening up also starting Natalie Portman? Random i know, i have soooo much movie trivia stored in my little head!

Anyway, back to my Title, i put the dehydrator to use yesterday and these are what i CREATED (created sounds way more excited then made)

Banana Chips - which totally rock my world!

Apple chips - that taste fantastic but don't live up to the insane awesomeness of the Banana Chips

Sweet Potato Chips - would have tasted better if i hadn't just bought a bag of professionaly made Sweet Potato Chips but they are edible in a pinch

And of course I made more Kale, the cheezy kind, this stuff is so awesome i want to bow down to it every time i eat one, hmmmm possible ab workout? Kind of like the horse having the carrot dangled in front of it only for me you would use Cheezy Kale Chips :o)

Some great sites to check out for Dehydrator Recipes are

So I know I mentionned my ability to stress about anything and everything so just for lack of anything better to post about today here is my list of

What i'm currently stressing about Wednesday

Acne: WTF? I have a zit on my chin, after putting my dues in during my teenage years i hardly ever get "spots" as my mum likes to call them, i'm hoping this is a passing phase, 31 year olds should not have acne, its a total rule!

Packing: Have i mentionned we have hardly done any?  its just so overwhelming but our parents have helpfully been giving us empty boxes to help emphasize the point we need to get started asap, empty boxes make me excited to pack, then i look at what i have to pack and i crawl back under my duvet

No Dress: I will be going to a wedding this weekend and i really really want something cute to wear since it's kind of going to suck that i'll be sitting on my own since BF is the best man, but alas i'm WAY too picky and can't find anything i want to spend $150 on, oh woe is me - really want this dress but there is no store near me and did you see the price tag? Its only okay for me to spend that kind of $ on lululemon (insert BF rolling his eyes here)

William and Kate: I'm concerned, what if i don't like the dress? It will ruin the whole wedding for me and i really want these two to last, no toe sucking shenanigans you two, are you listening?

Cupcake Ideas: Its my sisters 30th birthday this weekend and I want to make her some special cupcakes but i'm seriously lacking in the idea department, suggestions?

I'm also wondering what i did in my life before Salt & Vinegar Fish came into it!

Salt & Vinegar Crisp Coated Fish
inspired by How Sweet it is

Package of Cod Fish
2 Egg Whites
Bag of Boulder Organic Malt & Salt Chips

Crushed chips in large ziploc bag
Dip Fish in egg whites
Coat in chips
Place on Baking sheet
I cooked my fish for 12 minutes at 350 degrees

Enjoy how you wish!  I put my fish into a wrap with mayonnaise and seafood sauce, it was truly one of the best things i've eaten!

Is it wrong to look forward to lunch so I can be alone with my wrap ;o)

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!!!