Thursday, April 14, 2011

That'll be a upgrade

Its Fashion Friday! over here at LRT

But we aren't talking about personal fashion today.

Oh no.

We are talking about Home Fashion.

Also known as a recap of the day Donna & BF attempted to pick out house items.

It wasn't pretty.

Our PRE-Shopping converstion went like this
Aren't we gross?

Donna: I love you
BF: I love you too babe
*NOTE* (yes we are disgusting and actually talk like this)
Donna: I say this now because in a few minutes i will NOT like you
BF: And i will despise you as someone that stands in the way of me and more potlights
Donna: Oh man this is going to be a long day!

Destination ONE: The Kitchen Place

This was where i was most excited about visiting but upon arrival we were told that the extra $6000 we had alotted for the Kitchen would mostly be sucked up by granite counters? Eff me, we wanted a sunk in sink, staggered cabinets, under cabinet lighting, and i really (bottom lip trembling here) really wanted a pantry

There are no pictures from our first destination as we were just too devastated by the total underestimation of the builder and the knowledge that we won't get a quote for 2 weeks as to what the actual cost will be - bugger bugger boo :o(

Destination TWO: The floor place

I didn't think we would have a ton of fun here, but then this was our most favourite location

We picked our carpet out in about 2 minutes flat, easy peasy!

Our next step was the tile and we got that down to two, then three, then two

We look perplexed no?

This was going well, we were having fun!

Then came the bathroom tile.

Then the floor tile we had originally missed that we fell in love with. 

Then add in the fun of accent tiles.

We were getting overwhelmed by now and it all came down to needing to pick our granite counter first, aahhhh don't say granite it makes me cry a little bit!

We took a quick peak at hardwood but we needed a kitchen cabinet with us to pick out that!

So lesson learned, show up with samples every time you shop!
Order of future pickage (yup another LRT made up word)

First: Granite
Second: Cabinet colour
Third: Pick floor tile
Fourth: Pick bath tiles
Fifth: Pick hardwood

Destination THREE: The Brick place

We went in fighting about 2 different brick colours (we had seen in the neighbourhood already)

We left fighting about 2 different brick colours

In order to save our relationship, we are putting that choice on the back burner for now :o)

SO how did we do?

All joking aside, it went really well!

BF and i have a very similar sense of style, lots of neutrals (accent colours will come from accessories once we are moved in)

We are both pretty disapointed about the Kitchen, this will be a long 2 week wait because now everything balances on our decision about granite and then a trip to another store to pick that out, then back to all the other locations

Until then we are going to battle it out, calmly discuss brick colour!

Here are a few more pictures we took while we were out


Before we left for shopping, I made sure to fill our bellys with a family favourite, Spelt Pancakes, are you ready for the twist?

Lemon Poppyseed Spelt Pancakes 
with Blueberry Puree
Print Recipe


1/2 cup of spelt flour less one Tbsp
1 Tbsp of ground flax
1 tsp of baking powder
Pinch of sea salt
1 packet of splenda
1/2 cup of Milk (i used almond)

1 Tbsp of poppy seeds 
1 Lemon Rind
1 tsp of Vanilla

1 Tbsp of Lemon juice
3/4 cup of frozen blueberries

2 Tbsp of Vegan sour cream

1. Mix dry ingredients together along with the poppy seeds and lemon rind
2. Add in milk
3. Spray pan with non stick spray and put on medium low to medium heat
4. When bubbles appear at top of pancake, turn for one more minute
5. Mix vegan sour cream, lemon juice, splenda and vanilla in a small bowl till combined
6. Puree blueberries and squeeze of lemon juice in the blender
7. Spread blueberry puree on pancakes and stack,  smother with lemon topping


Before i sign off someone wanted to show off her new hair cut

In a couple of hours Sydney the wonder doodle went 

From this 

To This 

She is not a happy camper

If looks could kill...

There would not be blog post today 

Oh the horror!

Its okay, she really loves her mum (i'm the one who feeds her!)

My weekend plans are ummm nada, I work Saturday & Sunday but i'll be sure to get up to some kind of mischief for you to read on recap Monday!

So what are all you lovely blog readers up to this weekend?  You are in charge of all the fun since I have to work! xox