Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do, Don't, Should

 Just because i adore something

Most definitely doesn't mean BF does
Especially when it comes to tonights dinner, but more on that later...

I enjoy changing recipes up to make them more appealing to my and BF's palate

(Am i the only one that finds palate to be an odd word? Makes me think i'm talking about stacks of wood instead of taste bud preferences, and now i just spent 10 minutes googling which is the correct way to spell it, i'm still a little confused, lets just move on!)

So i've made a list

Oh you know i did, i just love my lists

What i Do love to eat
What i Don't like to eat
What i Should eat but don't because i'm stubborn like that

But first i have to remember Thirsty Thursday!

This week is a little different

Cause you see its FREEZING outside

And i didn't want a smoothie

So i decided to share something else

Something that makes me sigh, smile, then giggle

Maybe you should try this recipe at home? ;o)


Ch-ch-ch-changes in FOOD preferences

What i Do love to eat now
Chia seeds
Apple butter
Old fashioned oatmeal

What i Refuse to eat
Almond essence
Peanut butter in Oatmeal
Nuts in food (nuts alone? totally cool, nuts in food? ick!)

What i Should eat but don't because i'm stubborn like that
Mushrooms, ewwwww - i still can't bring myself to eat them!  One of my earliest foodie memories is at the Beefeater Steak House in England where i would eat the battered mushroom caps my parents would always order but first i had to pull the mushroom out, make some kind of gross noise and then eat the coating!  Even now the fact that the mushroom had touched (and infected) the batter makes me want to gag!

Yummm this is tasty, thanks for dropping all this salt and vinegar kale mum!
This is what Sydney will eat.... Anything!  I sometimes refer to her as my personal cleanup crew, i bet she would die of happiness if i let her up on the kitchen counters to clean up the mess i make, especially the red pepper left overs, red peppers are her most favourite food!

Recipe Addition time

Take one longing look at the salad bar in Zehrs
One giant bowl of a new-to-me grain
7 Fabulous mixings
Sprinkle with some magic (aka citrus) dressing
Donnas Citrus Wheatberry Salad


Lookie Lookie, we have ummmm wood wall thingees in our hole

Man, there were so many things WRONG with that sentence!

Happy Thursday, its the WEEKEND in 9 hours 
I'm really behind on my google reader, I can't wait to catch up this weekend!

What is everyone up to for Easter?