Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I like that its shiny

So BF and I are starting the hunt for kitchen appliances
This is my dream Kitchenaid kitchen, if its wrong
to dream about appliances, i don't want
to be right!

This is where you start imagining me in hot camo gear stalking the aisles of Lowes and Home Depot

*Is there such a thing as hot camo gear?*

Oops, sidetracked yet again!

Okay, so BF won't let me pick appliances because they are either a) VERY shiny! or b) Have cute knobs - bahahaaa so many places i could go with that but i'm a behaving blogger today (don't want to push the limits since you are already putting up with my camoflauge)

Since he insists on doing things like research, i've totally got sidetracked and decided to show you the 6 items in my kitchen i love the most!

Its a What I love in my Kitchen Wednesday!
(If you click the picture of the food shown, it will take you to the recipe)

Dehydrator - because it makes KALE chips
I have the Salton version for $39 from Walmart and no it doesn't cook evenly but if you leave it in there long enough it does it's job and will have to do till i can beg and plead my case for an excalibur with BF

Griddler - because it makes perfect PANCAKES and PANINIS
I have the Cuisinart Griddler that is a panini press and grill all in one, its pretty magical and i have had no problems with it at all!

Silpat - because it makes my COOKIES cook perfectly!
Okay, i don't have the "real" version, i can't find it anywhere, till then this cheapie PC version will do

Food processor - because it makes nut butter that i haven't blogged about yet and BANANA SOFTSERVE!
I have the KitchenAid 7 cup processor that I bought at Walmart a few weeks ago and i'm in love! It only took me about 36 hours to figure out how to use it and now we are besties!

Blender - because it makes all kinds of crazy green monster SMOOTHIES
My KitchenAid blender came into my life last year for my birthday - BF bought it for me and while some mind find that an odd choice for birthday #1 together i was beyond excited to see those red letters peeking up at me from under the wrapping paper!

Scraper - it ensures i get every last drop of batter out the bowl and nut butter out the jar!
Now while i'm sure "scraper" isn't the technical term and i'm also sure its not really a kitchen appliance i love my scraper all the same!  There are times where i pull my cookie dough out of the bowl, pop my cookies in the oven and only then do i use my scraper on the bowl!  Can't let dough go to waste my friends and i always "forget" to do it until after the cookies are in the oven :o)

Note i didn't put my Kitchen Aid Mixer on the list? Thats because i don't usually use it to cook, it just sits there and looks pretty and SHINY!

Thats all for today friends, can't believe its Wednesday already! 

One more day at work after today and then 3 day weekend, sooo excited!

Better lay out my cutest camo gear, i found this on google, what do you think? Yeah i thought it was too modest as well!

What is your favourite kitchen appliance you can't live without?