Friday, April 29, 2011

Keep Calm & Carry On

I can't even explain how much i love this (thanks for the idea Leah), it seriously sums up how I handle myself in times of stress (and limits the spaziness that is me)

Days like yesterday when...

1. I drove to work in a massive wind storm that tore traffic lights from there posts, broke transformers and knocked over fences and cement signs, it was nuts and a little scary!  BF doesn't help matters when he gets excited for these storms, he truly feels he missed his calling in life to be a storm chaser
Not very scary looking photo, looks a little pathetic, lol, was definitely a lot scarier then it looks, promise!

2. Found out I owe about $900 in taxes as my rrsp contribution was 3 days late (thanks HR department for taking 3 weeks to move $ to my brokerage account) - heartrate is increasing just thinking about this, grrrrrr

3. Our new benefits account at work turns out to be an amazing idea yet ridiculous in execution and I end up missing $400 from my paycheque, seriously?  Deep breath Donna

BUT i did KEEP CALM and then

I get an e-mail like this from my good friend Diane
I miss you too Diane!
And then I come home to a big one of these (that would be a hug, lol BF is quite the normal size!)

I was also lucky enough to watch the rehearsal for our friends Ryan & Amys wedding this Saturday


And got up at 5am for the Royal Wedding - SQUEAL!!!!!

And ate a new favourite breakfast

Breakfast made up of 
12 Grain Toast
Peanut Butter
Organic Jam
Banana Slices
Sunflower Seeds
Chia Seeds
Excitement for wedding

And i Ohhhed and Ahhhed over the dress

And i might have cried a little, how could you not?  My favourite part was when they kept smiling at each other and having little laughs!

And then i juggled, writing this post, watching the wedding, talking to friends on FB, checking twitter and texting my sister - all this before 6am :o)

Okay, sorry for the quickie post friends but i better get my arse in gear and get ready for work, sorry for the lack of foodie post but try the toast, its seriously fantastic! 

What is everyone up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

And on a final note, would it be wrong to request bells when BF and I get married?