Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too Hot in the Kitchen

Hiiiiiiii its me

You knew that when you clicked on the link to the blog

But just wanted to emphasize the Hi to show you how happy i am you are here!

You are probably wondering about the title

I know you aren't but i'm going to tell you anyway, just like i always do

Its crazy hot here in South Western Ontario
  • Weather Forecast: Brantford, ON

  • Current WeatherTues, May 31, 2011, 17:00 EDT Hamilton Airport

  • A few clouds
  • 30°C A few clouds
I'm not complaining though

Oh no

I'm not one of those people that will complain about how cold and wet our spring was

How much snow we had this winter

And then at the first humidex advisory start complaining about the heat

I looooovvvveeeee the warm weather even if BF and i finally caved and turned the central air on

We are thrifty and don't enjoy cold houses so we are always the last one of the neighbours on the street to join in and "be cool" hahahaaaa play on words, i'm lame

So What am I doing to enjoy this heat?

Well on What I Wednesday, i'm going to tell you

I've been walking at least 2-3 times a day: have to keep the cardio up even if i'm not running as much anymore till the leg finally heals

Going on lots of hikes to enjoy the trails i am lucky enough to have around me: yesterday hilary and i had a great time walking a local trail - her son and new puppy joined us for some strolling fun! and today the plan is to meet Mandy for another hike, what can i say, i enjoy conversing with nature!!!

Upping up my water consumption: I swear i can't get enough water, for once i don't have to remind myself do drink more (water that is, wine i have no problem with!)  I stole BF's camelback and am loving using it for walking and the little running i've started back at

Eating lots and lots of cold meals and salads: I am not a huge fan of cooking long drawn out meals in the summer, all i crave is salads and cold vegetables! Nothing makes my heard pitter patter more then the taste of pickled beets, mmmmmmmmm

I don't have a recipe for you today (cause its too hot in the kitchen!) so i thought i would share one of my post favourite cold meals that is perfect on a day like today

Ploughmans Lunch
No ploughmen were harmed in the making of this post ;o)
A ploughman's lunch (often just called a ploughman's) is a cold snack or meal originating in the United Kingdom, served in pubs, sometimes eaten in a sandwich form, composed of cheese (usually a thick piece of Cheddar, Stilton or other local cheese); often cooked ham slices, pickle (e.g., Branston pickle, called "relish" outside the UK), apples, pickled onions, salad leaves, bread (especially crusty bread, which may be a chunk from a loaf or a bap); and butter. Other common additions are grapes, celery and carrot, pâté, diced hard boiled egg or beetroot, or in modern versions, crisps. It is usually served with beer.
The origins of the ploughman's lunch remain unclear. Whilst some say that there are records of it mentioned in 18th century literature, others say it only dates back to the 1960s, when the Milk Marketing Board promoted the meal nationally to boost sales of cheese, and that the meal is nothing more than marketing. A comparable meal, popular prior to World War II, was also known as 'ploughboy's lunch'.
It is a common menu item in English pubs, where it is served with a pint of beer. It is considered a cultural icon of England. The familiarity of the ploughman's lunch has led catering companies to describe a sandwich containing Cheddar cheese, pickle and salad as a "ploughman's sandwich" SOURCE

I love love love Ploughmans lunches and have been known to request them for my birthday dinners!  It contains all my favourite foods

Cheese - check!
Bread - check!
Butter - check!
Eggs - check!
Grapes - check!
Heart attack - chec... oops, hahhaaaa moderation is key friends!

Here are some pictures i found online to demonstrate the loveliness that is Ploughmans for your viewing pleasure
(as with all my photos, please click the picture for the source)

Would you like a napkin to wipe up that drool?

My favourite Ploughmans Lunch contains
  1. Fresh white crusty bread
  2. Old cheddar
  3. Boiled egg
  4. Branston pickle
  5. Ham
  6. Grapes
  7. Sliced Apple
  8. Little bit of pate
  9. Pickled beets of course!


    So I promise to have a recipe for you tomorrow even if I have to get all hot and sweaty in the process :oD

    Question: How do you handle the heat?