Monday, June 6, 2011

Get into the groove

"Boy you've gotta prove your love to meeeeeeeeee"

The prior sentence was sung to a choir made up of cats screaching and dogs wailing 

You know cause i'm singing

i sang like an angel in my dream - this totally looks like
me no?
I CAN'T sing

The above 3 words are the biggest understatement of the century

Once i had a dream that i sang a Sarah MaClaughlin song to a circle of people and in the dream i sang so well people eventually joined in and it was the sweetest sound

And then i woke up feeling so at peace and happy

It goes down in history as one of Donnas most favourite dreams ever

But since i'm listening to music right now, went to a concert Saturday night, and am going to Zumba to shake my booty to music tonight i have music on my mind

Or in my mind

Or... nevermind

*hanging head in blonde blogger confusion shame*

Subject change time

So how was everyones weekend?

It was pretty crazy in the L-S household

But as i often like to do on Monday Recap!  I'll let the photos tell you the story just make sure you humm along while you read

Perhaps Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO?

Just cause i'm a wee bit obsessed with that song right now, just ask my zumba girls, i'll start doing the routine to that song anywhere

Went for a run - forgot compression sleeve - at exactly 5km stop and limp home yelling obscenities and cursing letting BF run ahead with the water  
This is BF's i'm sexy and i'm shopping in the Bulk Barn face
My movies snack - 310 calories of British chocolate, mmmmmmm

Like i said Friday i wasn't too excited about this movie, i was excited to see it with our friends Amy and Ryan and it turned out to be funnier then i though but i saw way too many peepee's then one ever needs to see in a movie - i lost count at like 6, yes i was counting :oD  So if you thought the first movie was too crazy then skip this one for sure!

Started my day with a dark chocolate cherry breakfast cookie, holy yummmmm!  Have i mentioned i spent  $10 on cherries the other day? Shhh don't tell BF apparently he doesn't like cherries :oP
The girl on this ball totally mocks me as i shake my way through Physique 57
Hardwood debate ends with a compromise that makes me grumpy, guess i can't always get my way :o( Must trust BF's judgement though.... hmph!
Taking pics with Heather, not too sure where we are looking :o) 
Yup, this is my man, i'm so proud!
Mmmm fresh warm Kettle Corn!
Instead of getting annoyed that Dave insists on sticking out his tongue for 87% of photos i join in 
Matt & Nat!
Clint & Heather!
Forget silly candid photos - move on to mmmmini donuts!
Finger Eleven = great music!
Then we got free VIP bracelets - yay!
Not sure what happened with this photo - looks cool though
Three Days Grace was just okay, super loud and lots of talking - meh!
We must have crashed when we got home because we were still wearing bracelets when we woke up!
Discovered a doodle sleeping on my butt :o)
Figured after a REALLY hard Spartan class at the gym this morning i deserved a wholewheat pizza - didn't eat the whole thing, definitely shared with BF,  a bit ;o)
While rolling my calves i notice the sexy tan line i developed watching BF play baseball today,  this is hot
Start to decide what i will blog about today and get distracted that someone found my blog via popeye aint got abs??? teeheheheeeeee
Well thats the quickie summary version of my weekend!

I did make a kick ass dinner Friday night and i want to share a recipe with you 

I found Lindsays recipe the other day and KNEW i had to make them STAT, then after i ate them i realized i was going to make a new version for the BBQ Saturday

Crispy Parmesan Vegetables
Adapted from The Lean Green Bean

1 medium zucchini or 1 medium sweet potato or both!
1/4 cup of spelt breadcrumbs (or any breadcrumbs, i just didn't want to use white and spelt was the only other kind at Sobeys)
1/4 cup of parmesan cheese
Dash of sea salt
2 tsps of garlic powder
Fresh Ground pepper
1/2 cup of egg whites
1/2 cup of whole wheat flour

1. Chop vegetables into fry shaped pieces
2. Toss in whole wheat flour
3. Dip in egg whites
4. Roll in breadcrumb/parmesan/garlic/pepper/salt bowl
5. Place on cookie sheet for baking
6. Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees
7. Eat, Love, Enjoy!

Mmmmmmm Breaded vegetables
Perfect summer dinner
Okay well its Monday - blech but its the start of my birthday week - YAY!

QUESTION: What awesome things did you get up to this weekend? and what is your favourite song right now?

Seeya tomorrow, i'm off to walk the doodle, put out the garbage and recycling, decide what to wear, shower, get ready and drive to work - 60 minutes is enough for all that right? aaahhhhhhhh