Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get your fit on

My back home running route! That speck in the distance is
Dave and Sydney running ahead of me :o)
Put on your spandex bodysuits readers

I'm talking about fitness today!

I don't talk about it all that much

Even though i really should, don't ya think?

My philosophy is that i just try to be active every single day

Except last week

I mean I was definitely active last week

Just in a moving my entire home into a 2 car garage kind of way

Remember when i said i was having issues with my shin?

It wasn't so much an issue

As i was in so much pain it hurt to put pressure on the gas and brake pedal when i drove

Its okay

I'm feeling better now

No need to avoid all my driving routes

What did i do to help the excrutiating pain?

I took it easy for a week

Then i took a whole week off

And i bought new shoes

My body needed a break

So i listened

And the result was me squealing with glee at Zumba Monday night to everyone that would listen

My shin doesn't hurt!!!!!!

And this week i broke my new shoes in on a 2km run on a route i used to take when i first discovered running about 6 years ago

Here is how it went...
So i thought i would share what my typical week looks like Fitness wise (not much running because i've not been able to the last month or two)

Monday -> Zumba
Tuesday -> Run
Wednesday -> UFC and Physique 57
Thursday -> Cycle and Zumba
Friday -> OFF
Saturday -> Physique 57
Sunday -> Spartan & sometimes Yoga

Thats about 4 cardios, 3 strengths a week - some weeks i work saturday am so i take a class friday, i mix it up all the time, i just really try to do something every day even if it is go for a hike and a chat with a girlfriend or a long stroll with the fur baby

Being injured and having to stop working out made me UBER sad, i don't ever want to take my ability to kick a Zumba classes arse for granted!

So this Monday before Zumba Christina and I tried out called Street Jazz where you learn one dance routine per class and here is our review

Intensity: High, way harder then we thought it would be but in a good way
Number of times Donna broke down in giggles: Too many to count, every time someone would do the splits i would laugh in the ridiculousness that was my attempt to do the same
Moments of sadness: one when we realized we wouldn't get to use the spirit fingers we had been practicing all day so we took this picture for you instead!


Let me tell you all this fitness makes me thirsty though ;o)


Being in transition between houses has resulted in a serious lackage (totally a word i tell you) of vegetables in my diet so i'm trying to squeeze as much goodness into my smoothies as possible!

I don't have a new smoothie recipe for you today but here is one of my favs!

Chocolate Raspberry Green Monster

Handful of Raspberries
1/2 Frozen Banana
3 Ice cubes
1 Cup of Chocolate Soy Milk
1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds
2 Handfuls of Kale

Directions: Blend that powerhouse up and try not to get smoothie everywhere, this isn't your kitchen after all!


Tomorrow is a day off for me but don't worry i have a post for you - i'm super blogger after missing you all for a whole week!

I'm leaving you with a photo of a weed (classy huh?) I just feel that this weed makes my runs better because they look like a pretty flower

I give you DITCH LILIES!!!