Saturday, June 11, 2011

Once a year...

if she only had blue eyes she could
have been my disney twin
On June 11th

I go from pretending i'm a princess

To being treated like one

Today is my BiRtHdAy!!!

Aren't you lucky that i'm blogging on my birthday?

Actually NO!

(Warning: i'm going to get mushy here)

I'm the lucky one

This blog means SO much to me

So on MY special day i want to thank YOU

Thank you for reading my natterings 

Thank you for listening to my quirky shenanigans

Thank you for letting me use words like fantastical, smoosh and orangegasmic

Wait i haven't used the last one yet

Oh yes...

That means there are many more great things to come

As an extra treat I asked my mum to dig up a few photos
Which is why you are getting a post from me on a weekend

You know, for your laughing viewing pleasure
I have yet to receive the same amount of cards since,  and look paddington was my bodyguard! 
i am rocking these slippers, they really compliment my diaper
i feel like maybe there was a cowboy theme here? all that really matters is how good i looked in the tiny hat!
Mesmerized by food, nothing new here!
i used to love this dress and seriously how hilarious is that bear that looks like a dude dressed up as a fairy?
Are you done hysterically laughing yet?

How about now?

I don't have the whole day here but i will wait a few more moments, here is another picture that according to my mum was the start of my obsession with baking in the kitchen...

i can't make fun of this one, i'm sooo cute!
Okay - Today will involve
Family Breakfast

Fun with Friends


Food & Drinks

Add all that together and you pretty much get perfection (if you ask me)

You have to agree you know...

Cause its my birthday!

Well this princess is off to to put on my tiara and take on the day

Happy weekend all xox

Ps: You were wondering about the hair cut???? Here goes


Hahahaaa sorry you will have to wait for recap Monday!!!!!!
Don't be mad - You still have to Love me - its my BIRTHDAY :o)