Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Forgive me???
Hi Hi!

Its confession time

Geez, don't look so scared

Its just that i've been a bad blogger

No recipe on Friday (the horror)

A post with no words few words on Monday and still no recipe (oh the humanity)

Donna is NOT following the blogger rules (gasp)

  • Though shalt not eat food without photographing it first
  • Though shalt not fall asleep without composing at least 2 different blog posts before the sheep come (you know counting sheep, stop being dirty here!)
  • Though shalt not let an embarassing/mortifying/ridiculous moment go by without recaping it in some way for the blog
  • Though shalt never mention sheep on the blog again!
So i am redeeming myself today

With a recipe no less!

And a hint of where i'm hopefully finally heading to this fall

Its Redemption AND Travel Tuesday!

Redemption for me as a blogger

Redemption for BF as he FINALLY commented on his first blog post yesterday (maybe its cause it was written directly to him - alternate title was "Dave for the love of all that is holy please write a comment already")

Redemption for our builder as he moved the light into the middle of our closet instead of in the right hand corner - not sure what that was about

Redemption for my poorly leg as i'm staying off it again today and giving it a break - it needs to get better asap as BF bought me a Garmin 305 for my birthday and i want to use it SO bad


So what recipe am i gracing you with today?

Well our anniversary celebration today was interupted by the fact that a) i had to work and b) we are in the middle of moving our house into my parents garage for a month - so while i Whole Wheat pizza graced our table at dinner time - i made sure to have a insanely FABULOUS dessert to eat

Ready for it?

2 Step Indoor Smores

Cookies with chocolate tops
Candle (preferable with multiple wicks*)
Sticks (if you could buy some bbq spears instead of sticks from a forest its preferable!)

1. Toast your marshmallow (that sounds sexy eh?)
2. Place it between your cookies - chocolate side in (i did it wrong the second time - blonde)
3. Eat your fabulous anniversary dessert while watching The Bachelorette and pine for Thailand

*Something about saying multiple wicks that makes me very happy :o)

So while we can't head to Thailand this year no matter how many times we drool over pictures of Phuket

We are *hopefully* heading to New York!

Can't believe i've never been before - we won't be heading there till around September but if you have advice on the big apple let me know, i want to know where the musts are 

You know the must eat, must go, must see

The MUSTS :o)

So i know my recipe was a little pathetic but you have no idea what our house looks like right now, you might tomorrow because as you saw in the blogger rules i must share mortifying things like what a disaster my house is

Thanks for your patience while we finish this move - only one week to go!

Donna xox