Monday, June 13, 2011

Under Construction

Hi Friends!

Well yesterday i spent the day fighting through messes

Construction on the roads

Renovation in stores

Demolition of our once tidy and organized home

There was also the depletion of any motivation i might have had when i hopped out of bed in the morning

So i've put the blog "Under Construction" for today

And am just bringing you Wordless RECAP Weekend  
(blatantly borrowed from Leila at Spinach & Skittles who rocks by the way)

Here goes...

This blog post was sponsored by the iPhone app Hipstamatic :o)

Ps: thanks for all the votes for BOB (i asked for a blend of B,C & D - poor A didn't receive any votes i think, that might be because everyone else shares my extreme dislike for Paris Hilton) and thanks for all the birthday wishes xox

Pps: for a Wordless Weekend post - this certainly has A LOT of words!