Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dog Therapy

ohhh this looks like a fun place to play!

I need the name of a therapist

Sydney is traumatized

My cute doggie wanted to explore the basement in the new house

Super adorable right?

Till she attempted to climb back up the rickety builder stairs

Ever seen a 70 lb dog freeze mid stride up steep stairs while pinning your foot with her claw


Well i have

And now i have the puncture wounds to prove it

Dave was very helpful laughing from the top step as i tried to then carry the giant doodle up the rest of the stairs

Luckily she has recovered quite well and was climbing back up to the second floor with no fear
Whats the big deal mum, i'm fine!

Its me however that needs the therapy

My dog is my child and watching her scared like that has me wimpering in a corner

Well i would be if there wasn't giant piles of crap stuff lying all around our house

Ohhhhh have i mentioned we are going to be sleeping on an air mattress?


Please feel free to start laughing in your isleepinarealbed tone

Its okay, i understand

And if you need me...

I'll be whimpering in the corner!

Here are some pictures of what i'm currently dealing with...

Pretty shocking huh?

My houses are usually described as show home like, designer, super organized

This is my own private version of h-e-double hockey sticks (really the only hockey reference you will ever find on this blog!)

So on days like today when i get home from work at 8:20 and i haven't eaten dinner yet and i know that if someone attempts a conversation with me - i WILL kick them in the shins

This is what i come with

Sundried Tomato, Basil and Havarti Turkey Panini

Sundried tomatoes
Basil (my current fav)
Light havarti cheese
All natural turkey breast

Vegan margarine

1. Butter bread on outside sides
2. Build sandwich in order that pleases you.. for me this is soyonaise, spinach, sundried tomatoes, havarti and turkey
3. Put in griddler (or cooker of choice) and cook till golden brown and cheese is melty

i forgot the spinach - insert sad face here
Don't put anything plastic too close to the griddler!

There will be no parting with my griddler till the new owner moves in, i can handle sleeping on an air mattress

I can NOT handle living without my griddler
Or my dog

And i suppose Dave

Unless he is standing at the top of a staircase laughing at my attempts to haul our fur baby to safety

Then he is totally expendable :o)

Again, thanks for your patience as my blog posts are lack luster, my comments on your blogs are sparse and my over all tone is that of an off-her-rocker exhausted spaz
July 23rd will be our last day in our house
July 23rd - July 22nd are being spent shacking up with my parents
July 22nd we will finally be in our new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking of starting a count down to sanity calender ;o)

Donna xox

Ps: i lied, i didn't just think about it, i totally made one --->