Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Alert

This blog has been suspended due to massive packing responsibilities

It will return in approximately 1 week 

1 week is code for start harassing me if you don't hear from my by next Monday cause i will no longer have the i'm packing and can't blog excuse

Please don't forget about me

I will be back better then ever

Just with blisters and an achy back

And an improved i-have-30-days-to-relax-before-i-move-again attitude

Love ya LOTS

Donna xox

Proof of me packing and cleaning
I am very smiley
I have also consumed several glasses of wine
I'm pretty sure i started to cry 5 minutes after i took this photo
Welcome to the world of stressed out Donna
Laughter & Alcohol & Tears
Is it july 23rd yet? 
Is it?